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Rowlands, A., Sawtell, H., & Diedrichsen, D.  Broadsheet #1 - 3,  Institute of Contemporary Art and Bloomberg, London, 2013
Designed by John Morgan Studio


Rowlands, A., Beasley, M., & Russell, J. eds. Barefoot in the Head: Transcript from a Futurological Poetry Night, Article Press, Birmingham, 2011 ISBN 978-1-873352-15-1  

Available here...

Rowlands, A. & Williams. M., eds. NOVEL, Issue 3, Novel Publication, London-Brussels, 2010, pp. 80 ISBN 978-1-906424-10-7

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Rowlands. A. & Williams. M. eds. NOVEL, Issue 2, Novel Publication, London-Birmingham, 2009 pp.48 ISBN 9781906424091

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Rowlands, A., Bracewell, M. & Clark, M. eds. The Dark Monarch: Magic & Modernity in British Art, Tate Publishing, 2009, 175 pp. ISBN 978-1-85437-874-3

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Rowlands, A. Communiqué § 4, published on the occasion of ‘Nought to Sixty’, Institute of Contemporary Art, London, 2008, 40 pp. ISBN 978-1-900300-59-8

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Rowlands. A. & Williams. M. eds. NOVEL, Issue 1, Novel Publication, London-Berlin, 2008, pp.42 ISBN 978-1-906424-07-7

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Rowlands, A. 3 Communiqués, Bookworks, London, 2007, 105 pp. ISBN-10: 1870699912 ISBN-13: 978-1870699914


Rowlands, A., ‘Exegesis’, In: Titchner, M. It is You, Arnolfini, Bristol  2006 p. 49-57 ISBN 090773880X